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Betsy - Waiting (single)  (Warner/Columbia)  OA

Seia Lee & The Tokyo Philharmonic - Over The Rainbow 05/09/16 OA

Betsy - Lost and Found (single)  (Warner/Columbia)  OA

'American Pastoral' movie Trailer (Jasmine Thompson- Mad World) P

Qatar Philhamonic Orchestra - The Beginning (DNA Records) OA

Daisy Chute - I Left My Heart in Rio (single) (iTunes) W+P+M

Betsy - Fair  (single)  (Warner/Columbia)  OA

Jasmine Thompson - Fast Car (Atlantic) P

Purdy - Butterflies (Diamond In The Dust) 

Purdy- Don't Treat Me Kind (Diamond In The Dust) 

Jasmine Thompson - Ain't Nobody (Acoustic) (Atlantic) P

Jasmine Thompson - Like I'm Gonna Loose You

Susheela Raman - Cherry Blossom Baby W+P+M (

Nick Mulvey - Camden Roundhouse 27.03.15 OA

Nick Mulvey - Look At Miss Ohio - First Mind (Deluxe) (Fiction) P+M

Qatar Philharmonic - Music Box - Doha 21.02.15 OA +MD

Jasmine Thompson - Take Me To Church (Atlantic) P+M+K

Edei - I'll Go OA+K

Jasmine Thompson - Stay With Me (Atlantic) P+M+K

La Roux - Uptight Downtown(single) K

Jasmine Thompson - Another Bundle of Tantrums (itunes) P+M+K

John Newman  - Out Of My Head  (single) (Island) OA 

John Newman - Losing Sleep (Island) OA+K

Nick Mulvey - Miss Ohio (Fiction) P

Nick Mulvey - House Of Saint Give Me/ Fever To The Form EP (Fiction/Universal) P+M

Andy Burrows - Light The Night 2013  (The Snowman and the Snowdog) (single) (PIAS) P

John Newman - Cheating  (single)(Island) OA +K

Jasmine Thompson - Run (single) P+M+W+K

Jasmine Thompson - Under the Willow Tree EP P+M+W+K

John Newman - Tribute album OA

John Newman - Tribute (song) OA+K+W

John Newman - Easy OA

John Newman - Running OA

John Newman - Try OA

John Newman - Goldust OA+K

John Newman - Godnight Goodbye OA

Redweik - Maschine (single) (Warner, Germany) W

John Newman  - All I Need Is You  OA

Andy Burrows - Keep On Moving On (single) PIAS P+W

Rizzle KIcks - Me Around You (Roaring 20's) K

Rizzle Kicks - Jive K

Rizzle Kicks - Wind Up K

Dana- Paint (single+album) (itunes) P+OA+K

Editors- Nothing (Acoustic) - The Weight Of Your Love (Special edition) PIAS P+M

Editors- Hyena (Acoustic) -The Weight Of Your Love (Special edition) PIAS P+M

Editors- Formaldehyde (Acoustic) -The Weight Of Your Love (Special edition) PIAS P+M

Editors- A Ton Of Love (Acoustic)PIAS P+M

Andy Burrows - If I Had A Heart (single) (PIAS) P+W+OA+K

Saint Lu - Lady Of the Lanterns (Saint Lu 2) (Warner, Germany) W

Saint Lu - I Got A Feeling (Saint Lu 2) (Warner, Germany) W+K

Saint Lu - Revive (Saint Lu 2) (Warner, Germany) W

The Snowman and the Snowdog (Music producer)Channel4/Lupus films P+M

Andy Burrows - Light The Night (The Snowman and the Snowdog) (single) (PIAS) P

Andy Burrows - Hometown (The Snowman and the Snowdog soundtrack version) P+M+W

Andy Burrows - Hometown (single) (PIAS) P+W

Nick Mulvey - April Nick Mulvey EP (Fiction) P+M

Nick Mulvey - Venus Nick Mulvey EP (Fiction) P+M

Andy Burrows - Because I Know That I Can (single) (PIAS) P+W

Tinchy Stryder feat. Pixie Lott - Bright Lights - (Full Tank) OA

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack- UK single (Sony) P

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack - Heaven UK reissue (Sony) P

Andy Burrows - Company (Album) (PIAS) P+M+W

Andy Burrows - Company P+M+W+OA

Andy Burrows - Maybe You P+M+W

Andy Burrows - Somebody Calls Your Name P+M+W

Andy Burrows - Stars In The Sky P+M+W

Andy Burrows - Shaking The Colour P+M+W

Andy Burrows  - PetAir P+M+W+OA

Izzi Dunn EP M

Andy Burrows - Keep On Moving On (single) (PIAS) P+M+W

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack - (Heaven Album)  P

Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call OA

Andy Burrows - Company, Hometown, If I had a Heart, Petair OA

Alexandra Burke - Let it Go (unplugged versions) OA

Smith & Burrows - When The Thames Froze (single) P

Smith & Burrows - Funny Looking Angels (album) P

Smith & Burrows - Rosslyn - (Funny Looking Angels) OA

Pixie Lott - Dancing On My Own - (Young Foolish Happy) OA

Turin Brakes - Sea Change (Outbursts) OA

Turin Brakes - Rocket Song (Outbursts) OA

Turin Brakes - Will Power  (Outbursts) OA

Buildings - General Fiasco OA

Kate Alexa - Addict (Liberation/Mushroom) W+P

Sinking Ships - General Fiasco OA

Lisa Mitchell - Stevie (Wonder) OA

Katharine McPhee - My Destiny W

Guy Sebastion & Amy Pearson - We Both Know P+W+K (SonyBMG) 

Amy Pearson- Ready To Fly (Sony BMG) P+W+ K

Amy Pearson -Remeber To Breathe P+W+K (Sony BMG)

Ms Dynamite - It Takes More (Nash Band Remix) K (Polydor)

Nash - Alone (Polydor) W+OA


P- Produced
OA-Orchestral Arrangements

MD - Musical Director

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